Finding out more why some resturants in Phnom Penh fail


Why Do People Love Chocolate?

mouth and chocolate

Chocolate is a one kind of sweet that comes from the beans of the tropical cacao tree and the origin of chocolate grown in western Africa.

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Why some restaurants in Phnom Penh fail


Why some restaurants in Phnom Penh fail


While a lot of restaurants in Phnom Penh are blossoming, others also keep shutting down because of the bankrupt. There are a lot factors that make the restaurants bankrupt and it is not only because of one factor and a lot of factors that combine together. If you want to open the restaurants in Phnom Penh , you should also get some experience and learn from others first ; prepare yourself to face with the problems. Here are some points that make restaurants in Phnom Penh fail:


tables and chairs

Some restaurants owners are so new and lack of experience that they do not have any skills in this business. They do not know how to manage the restaurants well and they don't know what customers need when they go to restaurants. When they open the restaurants , they do not do enough research about the market in that area and they do not manage to find a good location for their restaurants and all these factors that make them fail.

Poor management:


they cannot control the restaurants well and they do not know some techniques to manage their restaurants in an effective way that lead to failing. For example, the managers in the restaurants do not manage the waiters and waitress to serve the customers well and the managers need to train their workers in a skillful way. More than that in the restaurants need a lot of diverse skill and talented people to run the restaurants effectively.

Too expensive:


some restaurants are too expensive and fancy that people could not afford to go. The cost of the food is too high that simple people could not cannot afford and if people could not afford to go, the restaurants will shut down in a next a few months after opening. People need restaurants that serve them good food and also good price that they can come to enjoy with their family or friends.

Bad services:


the reason of failure for some restaurants in Phnom Penh because of the poor services that they provide to the customers. Some restaurants are very poor with the service that they provide to the customer like they let the customer wait too long for the food. They do not welcome or farewell their customers well. For example, imagine that you go to one restaurant and the waiters in that restaurant do not find the seat for you and do not welcome you in a friendly way, you will not go to that restaurant ever again.

Why People Should be Fasting


Base on some research has shown that fasting give many benefits to people's health and make people feel good about themselves.

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sugar machine

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