Five reasons to eat less sugar|Finding out more why some resturants in Phnom Penh fail

Finding out more why some resturants in Phnom Penh fail


Five reasons to eat less sugar

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Five reasons to eat less sugar


Food that people eat everyday contains so much sugar that make the taste of the food better. Sugar is added to many kind of foods to boost the flavor and make people more addictive with the taste. However, it is one of the ingredients that people should not use too much in their food if they want to live a long life because sugar has many disadvantages rather than advantages. You should try to limit the amount that you take everyday and try to eat less sugar it day by day to make your life become better. Here are some drawbacks of consuming sugar:

Sugar is addictive:


sugar is so addictive that make you want to eat more and more. When you consume too much sugar everyday ,you will be automatically addicted to eat without knowing yourself. The taste of sugar is so sweet that make you want to eat it everyday and if you cannot eat it for a day ,you will feel that you lose something or your food will not taste good anylonger. However, it is all about the habits that you establish by yourself, so if you want to eat less sugar ,you should try to limit yourself and set your own determination.

Gaining weight:


consuming sugar too much in your body, you will face a high risk of getting fat and although you do exercise you still cannot lose weight because of the amount of sugar that you take everyday. Do you know that one teaspoon of sugar contains 15 calories, which can add hundreds of extra calories to your daily caloric intake. Over time, and when you consume too much sugar the extra of calories of sugar will make you gain weight. According to one study that was published in ÔÇťAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition said that soda consumption is a major cause of gaining weight and obesity epidemic. Soda and other sugary foods don't give your body any protein or fiber, which means they don't fill you up and satisfy your hunger.

Sugar puts your health at risk:


if you use too much sugar in your food, you will face a lot of problems with your health in the future. While gaining weight from eating sugar, you will encounter many problems with your health. Sugar can increase the risk of hypertension, diabetes, depression and many kinds of cancer. High amount of sugar that you take inside make you face a high risk of heart disease and putting a lot of sugar in your diet only give you poor nutrition.

Tooth decay:


Sugar food doesn't provide any nutrients to your body but it makes your teeth become more weak if you consume it everyday. When you put the sugar in your mouth , the sugar will reacts with the plague bacteria that present in your mouth and it will produce acids.The acids destroy the protective enamel on your teeth, which leads to cavities and decay. The more sugar you consume, the more likely dental decay becomes.